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Apr 24 15

Finishing Your Songs


So, for those of us who have written songs, we know it ends in two ways. It either works out incredibly and we finish them with ease, or we hit every barrier on the journey of finishing a song. This isn’t the end of the world, and this doesn’t mean your song isn’t worth working Read More. . .

Mar 27 15

Tweet For A Track

Orangehaus is a service website that helps artist integrate social media in with their new releases. Tweet for a track does exactly what it’s name states, with a social media post you can receive a track from an artist. The artist must make an account on tweet for a track and then upload the song Read More. . .

Mar 27 15

Spotify Nabs Lennon


As of October 7th, Spotify now has rights to play the complete catalog of John Lennon as a solo artist. Meaning everything he did after his playing with the legendary Beatles will now be available for listening on Spotify streaming service. This means that every member of the Beatles is now on Spotify which leaves Read More. . .